When Ye Are Weary

...When ye are weary he waketh morning by morning... 2 Nephi 7:4

This verse spoke to me this morning. I'm often weary. Not just physically tired, but weary in my soul, tired of trying, tired of failing, tired of not being good enough.

And I'm not the first to feel this way, obviously. Every person has gone through this, has been weary. We are such inconsistent creatures, righteous today and wicked...well, the same day. We fall down a lot.

But not our Savior. he waketh morning by morning. He's always there, always ready to do the work we rely on Him to do. When we are ready to come to Him, to ask Him for help, He's there. Where we are inconsistent, He is consistent, faithful, and ready to apply His redeeming Atonement to cover our weaknesses, to give balm to our hurts.

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